Affiliate Program

Earn 50% commission by referring your clients to Evolutioner. Display your affiliate banner in your client waiting room for easy referrals.

How It Works

The Evolutioner Affiliate Program is best suited for health clinics, chiropractors, therapists and other practitioners in the health and wellness industry. Practitioners add great value for their clients by introducing them to soundwave therapy.

The commission rate is 50%. You will earn recurring commissions on recurring subscriptions and onetime commissions on onetime payments.

The easiest way to introduce Evolutioner to your clients is to display a banner in your waiting room. The banner briefly explains what Evolutioner is and how they can learn more. The banner contains a QR Code that can be scanned by your clients to get started. You will be credited for all the sign ups that come from your QR Code. Below is an example of a banner.

Start earning large commissions by ordering your affiliate banner here Or sign up here as an affiliate without ordering a banner.

Also have a look at the Evolutioner Commercial License if you would like to use the soundwave therapy sessions inside your practice.


Most frequent questions and answers

Your unique affiliate URL is embedded inside the QR Code in your banner. When your clients sign up for the program from your banner, your account will be credited for the sale.

Your payment will be processed at the end of the following month after the sale occurred.

For example: Your affiliate sale occurs on August 18th. Your commission payment will be processed at the end of September.

We make payments to your PayPal account on the last day of the month.

We do not restrict creating web pages, websites, videos, social media posts, etc.

However, you may not create pages/posts that negatively affects the Evolutioner brand or mislead others. Example of these page titles are:

“Evolutioner Scam – don’t buy before reading this”

“Coupon codes for Evolutioner”